Trips and Excursions in my Caterham 7

While I add a lot of miles just driving round in circles near my home when the opportunity arises, it is also good to go on blats where you go further afield especially if it means meeting other 7 drivers.


Somme Battlefields

In Spring 2011 I went with my wife to Ypres and Albert to trace the route her grandfather took to the Battle of the Somme. He was wounded on the 1 July 2016 at Thiepval, not long after the battle started.


Memorial for the Canadian Soldier


Scotland 2009 and 2010

It is possible to go away for a reasonable trip in a 7. My wife agreed to tour Scotland in 2009, going all the way to John O'Groats and then touring around Loch Ness. The rain wasn't too bad and we had a good time - at least enough to repeat the trip (right up to Shetland this time) in 2010. Total mileage - 4,000 miles and 22 days for both trips.


Le Mans 2005

I got the opportunity to go again to Le Mans in 2005. The start of the week was wet, but the rest of the time it was HOT!



Le Mans 2004

While I am a keen F1 fan, I had not made it to Le Mans before I got a 7. The opportunity came up in 2004 when I was in between jobs so, with my wife's permission, off I went with the Lotus 7 club.  I had a great time - if you get a chance, go.

Here are some of the pics I took to give you a flavour.

And finally, I managed to get on the track after the group photo. I am the last car on the right - honest!

I shouldn't have been there.. but...

Big Blat 2004

I also went on the Big Blat organised by the Norfolk (Carrotlanders) Area. My daughter came with me as the Navigator and we had a great time along the roads of (and around) Norfolk.


Sevens parked at Coffee Time