Detachable Wheel Carrier for a Caterham 7

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These photos have been supplied by BigYin of BlatChat fame and hosted on my site. All questions to BigYin please!

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Schematic of the joint you need to make

1 - stubs plugged and capped for running without spare

2 - 40mm stubs uncapped and ready for wheel carrier to be installed

3 - wheel carrier ready to go on and number plate removed from Velcro

4 - wheel carrier placed in the stubs

5 - off side detail showing powder coating, M5 bolt, and bullet connector ready to connect up number plate lamp

6 - near side detail

7 - cover removed from number plate light

8 - whole number plate light removed and spade connector disconnected

9 - o/s bullet connectors used to switch between rear panel and carrier mounted number plate lights

10 - chassis mounted lamp bracket showing rivnuts

11 - nearly ready to go…………

12 - finished! Brrm Brrrm!

Higher resolution pictures

Right click here then select 'Save target as' to download a zip file of high resolution (1544x1024) copies of these pictures

Last update: 9 Mar 2005