Great Blats Near to My Home ** Now with BlatMaps **

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that almost any road is a good road round Rutland, but here are some of my favourite runs:

NEW: Route 5 below.

1. Wansford - Corby - Oundle - Wansford (30 miles)

Map of Route (261Kb) or  BlatMap

2. Melton - Bourne - Stamford - Oakham - Melton (53 miles)

Map of Route (209Kb) or BlatMap

3. Kings Bromley - Stone - Uttoxeter - Kings Bromley (thanks to BigYin)

Map of Route (196Kb)

4. The big one! Ketton - Wansford - Elton - B660 - Kimbolton - Raunds - Oundle - Benefield - Harringworth - Ketton (80 Miles)


This route is an 80 mile loop and takes about 1.5 hours in the early morning. It takes in the best roads I know in my area. Enjoy!


5. Another big one: Ketton - Bourne - Melton Mowbray - Grantham - Stamford - Ketton (77 Miles)


This route is an 77 mile loop and takes about 1h 20m in the early morning. It uses some of the roads in blats 1-3 above, but takes in some new ones as well. There is only one camera on this route (as you head back into Stamford) and it is a mix of fast 'swooping' roads and slower, but fun, twisties. There are lots of bikes to play with in the summer as well. As the route crosses over itself you can do one of the smaller loops if you prefer.


Let me know what you think about any of these blats here.

Last update: 23 Jan 2009